The team members from Goldman Sachs are Olly Sedgwick, Richard Revell, Andy Forrester and Halla Koppel. We all have our motivations to take up the second Everest in the Alps challenge:

Oliver Sedgwick

‘At university I studied Biochemistry so gained an understanding of the types, causes and presentations of cancer. It was not until I met my wife, who at the time was working in the NHS in palliative care that I started to understand the real impact that cancer has on people’s lives. This was made even more evident as I witnessed, a friend and colleague Rob go through the plight of his son battling a brain tumour.  I have always enjoyed a sporting challenge – I got my first full time job as a result of agreeing to run a 168km marathon in the Jordan desert. I have always been an avid skier, enjoying the slopes down – I’m now going to find out what it like to go up. The Everest in the Alps Challenge brings all of these elements together to raise money for a hugely worthy life changing cause.’

Halla Koppel

An avid motorcyclist and high-altitude mountaineer, Halla enjoys a physical as well as a mental challenge and has climbed four of the seven summits – the highest peak in each continent, including Mount Vinson in the Antarctic and South America’s Aconcagua. Halla feels proud and grateful for the opportunity to raise awareness for such an incredible cause and hopes to exceed fundraising targets.

Richard Revell

I have been unfortunate to experience the family impact when a loved-one is struck by cancer and I was reminded of that experience again with Toby, Rob and Tanya and their brave battle against this cruel disease. It is pernicious and unforgiving. Good research funding can help make a real difference in the fight against this disease. I am really pleased to join The Everest in the Alps team for such a worth-while cause.

I enjoy the mental and physical challenge of covering long distances in harsh environments. Having run 287km across Arizona and Utah in September ( and MdS in the Sahara the year before), I know the conditions in the Alps will provide a different challenge but one, with a great team, I look forward to.

Andy Forester

Having rowed throughout university and always having been a keen skier, the opportunity to combine both endurance and adventure was one that I immediately connected with. In addition, the ability to support such critical research whilst pushing myself to physical and mental limits made Everest in the Alps all the more appealing. I am looking forward to the challenge and am so glad to be part of the team.

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