Meet the Team: Team Tenzing

Welcome to Everest in the Alps, Team Tenzing! This adventurous trio have been hitting the training hard to prepare for the greatest challenge of their lives. Get to know Tom, Will and Mike a little better, and make sure you’re following along on Instagram for all the action.

Who are you?

TG: Tom Glanfield.

WN: My name is Will Newbery, I am an endurance athlete and coach more accustomed to triathlon and single day adventures, but I am always looking for new challenges. I live in the New Forest with my amazing partner, Claire. We have three children between us and two dogs.

MJ: Mike Jones.


What’s your inspiration for taking on such an epic challenge?

TG: I’ve always loved being in the mountains. Being able to spend time pushing myself to the limits and raising money for a charity that I care about at the same time was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

WN: I’ve always had a love for adventure. There’s something about pushing myself to the limit and diving headfirst into the unknown that inspires me.

MJ: I love a challenge. I’ve skied since I was young, so I love the mountains but I’m much more used to going down them! We’re taking on EIA for a great cause and I’m looking forward to being able to contribute towards that.


What draws you to Everest in the Alps?

WN: Stunning landscapes, challenging terrain, taking your body to the limit and making new friends whilst raising money for a great charity.

MJ: Tom asked if I was keen to do it – it didn’t sound like anything I had ever done before! There are some great people responsible for putting this event together – after watching some videos it looked like a fantastic challenge, so I was excited to get involved.

Have you ever done anything like this before?

TG: No, I’ve never ski toured before…

WN: I’ve tackled a few endurance events in my time – 15 x Ironman Finisher, Ultra marathon runner , but Everest in the Alps is a whole new ball game. The altitude, the weather, the technical stuff – it’s the summit of all adventures.

MJ: Nothing quite like this, I have completed a couple of Half Ironman events but never something spread over so many hours and days – I feel like this is going to be the biggest physical challenge that I have ever taken on.


How are you tackling the training?

TG: I’m already training for the London Marathon and the forthcoming triathlon season, so I’m hoping this training will be enough to get me through.

WN: Not having access to snow or mountains is challenging, however I am hitting the cardio and strength sessions hard and walking with weighted rucksacks. It’s a mix of hard work, improvisation and daydreaming about the Alps.

MJ: I’m doing the majority of my training on an indoor bicycle at the moment – given that I’m based in New York and it’s winter, there isn’t too much opportunity to get out on the roads, so that in itself is a good psychological challenge!

What are you most looking forward to?

TG: Taking on a new type of challenge, learning to ski tour, being in the mountains, meeting likeminded people, sharing the experience with close friends and raising money for a great cause.

WN: Having stories to tell afterwards. The peace and quiet. The hard work. The sense of achievement mixed with the breathtaking scenery – that’s what I’m most looking forward to.

MJ: Meeting lots of great people, spending time in the mountains, learning more about ski touring and taking on a big challenge that will push me out of my comfort zone.

Does anything scare you about the event?

TG: Maybe that I’m not fit enough! Or getting hit by freezing storms? I don’t want to let anyone down but I’m determined, so I aim to drag myself over that line, whatever comes at me.

WN: I am nervous about the whole thing. I am not great with heights, but I am comfortable in the mountains and pushing my body to limits in inhospitable environments – I’ve got a healthy dose of respect for Mother Nature. I am sure the accumulated fatigue, unpredictable weather and the occasional mountain surprises will keep things interesting.

MJ: Probably the fact that I’ve never clipped on a pair of skis to go uphill yet! I’m hoping some of my endurance background will help to counteract that!

Team Tenzing are raising money for Julia’s House, a children’s hospice in Dorset and Wiltshire.

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