Launching the EiA Debit Card from Currensea

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We’re so excited to announce the launch of the EIA debit card – and keen to tell you all about the rewards it can reap, particularly when travelling abroad:

  • Free to apply and better FX rates than Starling / Revolut etc (comparisons here)
  • Links directly to your existing current account so no need to transfer/exchange funds whilst travelling
  • Automatically sends some or all of the savings you make on bank charges to The Brain Tumour Charity (which you can dial up, down or off at anytime)
  • Can even be used in the UK to ‘round-up’ transactions by a few pennies or to the nearest £

Applications are open and your personalised cards should arrive within 2-3 days. Better rates than Monzo!

This is a brilliant way for you and your friends to continue supporting The Brain Tumour Charity – even if you can’t join us in Verbier! 

Get your card now.

"Everest in the Alps travel cards are GO! Even if you’re not doing EIA, these are brilliant for overseas trips and everyone should have one… killer FX rates and dead easy to use..."
Nick Heath - EiA 2023 team member
Anna Rae Dowling