How to stay fit… Ideas for your next challenge.

By Becky Scott of RS Performance Training.

By Becky Scott of

RS Performance Training

Leading up to big events participants dedicate their lives to the training, refueling and recovery process. Once the event has been completed and celebrated it can be hard to know what to do next.

It’s great to have more time to spend with the family and devote the hours back to working lives. However the mind can struggle with the loss of purpose for training. Plus now you’ve built such a high level of fitness, why loose it after all that effort?

So why not pick another challenge you could do? This doesn’t have to be to the same extent of Everest in the Alps and would be a good way to encourage other friends and family to join your new fitness routines.

Some ideas could be:

  • Half marathon runs (or full!), which now happen in most big cities.
  • Tough mudders with your Everest in the Alps team mates for a chance to reminisce.
  • Cycle events, which can be on or off road and of varying lengths, is a good website to check any locally to you.
  • Attend weekly park runs and encourage the family to join you.
  • Enter a duathlon event, which is made up of run, bike & run stages.
  • Enter a triathlon, which is made up of swim, bike & run stages. These can be small and starting in a swimming pool to longer events in open water. Some leisure centers now even have triathlon events where you’ll swim in the pool and then go to the bike and treadmill in the gym so you don’t need all the kit.
  • Complete walking challenges such as The 3 Peaks.
  • Make up your own monthly challenge such as to run/cycle/swim so far each month.

These are just a few of so many things that you could do.

To complete a challenge like Everest in the Alps takes huge amounts of endurance, physical and mental strength, but that doesn’t have to be the end… Pick your next challenge and keep going!

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