An open letter to our supporters…

Just days to go until our teams fly out for Everest in the Alps 2019 and Lorna Robertson Timmis of Team Artemis has written an open letter of thanks to all her supporters that have helped over the last months of hard work and training…

Dear Friends and Family,

What can I say? I am blown away by your support, encouragement, donations, smiles across the car park at school, friendly and encouraging emojis in texts, advice supplied about food, medicine, kit and mental stamina. You have absolutely stepped up, onto and over the plate and staggered us with your interest and your generosity. The two amazing charities we are fundraising for are equally overwhelmed by your responses and so are we, training with smiles (sometimes slightly grimacing) on our faces in the knowledge that so much great work will be done within these charities to support so many more who face an uphill battle in the months, years to come.

So Kate and I have cycled, run, skipped, dodged, shuttle run, done thousands of burpees, run up mountains worth of mountain climbers, endured minutes and minutes and minutes of high knees, pressed our way into the floor with press ups, held planks for what feels like hours, hefted weights, lowered weights, placed weighted vests on ourselves, we have enjoyed the particular nuances of the TRX, , we have run in the wind, rain, dodged snow and ice, we have done a training weekend in the Alps and sampled the selection of blister accoutrements and the snacks, less I forget. There can hardly be a vegan protein bar that we are not familiar with and are now confident in our choice of mountain fuel for next week.  However we are more aware than ever, as time is ticking on, of the not insignificant challenge ahead, from now on it’s all about the mind and keeping that strong. 

In case it has slipped your mind Kate and I will be partaking in approximately  32 hours of uphill ski touring, 3 hours of downhill, with up to a total of 20 individual ascents. Each day climbing between 2,000m – 2,500m burning through a daily average of 10,000 calories – the equivalent of running three back-to-back marathons.  

We cannot wait to begin our adventure and although we are nervous we know that the experience, the camaraderie and the money raised will make it all worthwhile. Thank you to Louisa for sharing this little nugget, ‘pain is inevitable but suffering is optional’ if Toby and others can endure chemotherapy, operations and months of check ups and on going medication, we can, quite frankly get through this. 

So my friends if you haven’t sponsored and would like to please follow this link, and please also follow the Everest in the Alps social media for updates next week as we progress. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

Just a million thanks to you all for being so amazingly generous and so supportive in a myriad of truly wonderful ways.


"Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward."
Rocky Balboa
Tom Bodkin