Everything you need to ski the height of Mount Everest

By Tobias Mews

Are you looking for a new challenge? A ski touring adventure which involves ascending a height equivalent to the summit of Mount Everest in March 2020 could be the ultimate winter endurance challenge you’ve been looking for…

Adventure journalist and athlete, Tobias Mews, has given us the lowdown on Everest in the Alps after he completed the challenge in 2019…

First, he talks training. Specifically why you should focus on elevation gain, not distance. Whether you are running trails or cycling, get those legs used to going uphill!

He covers the importance of buying your own ski touring boots and getting your hands on some breathable waterproof shell pants and of course nutrition and how to keep yourself hydrated…

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The 2020 Everest in the Alps Challenge takes place from 29th February to 7th March. For more details and a full itinerary, visit the 2020 Everest in the Alps page.

Anna Rae Dowling